Set Cream Snowlotus + Whitening Pearl & Snow Lotus Soap

Name Produk*:Set Krim & Sabun Whitening Pearl & Snow Lotus
Info Produk*:HARGA :
1 unit sabun dan 1 Krim RM24

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Postage ke Sabah/Sarawak sila add RM5.00
perbezaan set adalah bilangan unit sabun!

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Lain2 Kelebihan atau Maklumat Produk:Pearl , a high quality ingredient, helps to strengthen a flexibility of your skin,high antioxidant, protect its moisture retention, lighten color tone and minimize pores.


The Snow Lotus, known in traditional Chinese medicine for its anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antioxidant properties, shows its incredible vitality by producing white flowers despite the intensity of the sun at such high altitudes. Everything from the Snow Lotus, from its stems to the roots, are rich in ingredients. The ingredients from the petals of the Snow Lotus have the highest concentration for anti-aging and whitening properties.

The cream texture is smooth and soft suitable for pimple, blemish, and freckle. The cream combined with selective ingredients that would mainly provide a whitening formula for skin that gets easily dull and damaged. After using the cream, your face will look whitens, fresh, smooth and soft.

It also works with some darkening area on your body. You may use this product where needed area i.e. some of my friends have tested with their darkening area near their waist and elbow, it works! They are very happy about the result. For healthy face skin, regular use is recommended.

Pearl Cream truly beautifies ... Used daily it can :

Reduce Pore Size & Unsightly Shine
The spectrum of vitamins and trace minerals found in pearl regulates skin cell activity making pores appear smaller and diminishing unsightly shine.

Smooth Away Lines & Firm Skin
The Mucopolysaccharides and Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMF's) in pearl help reduce transepidermal water loss, improving your skin's hydration, suppleness and firmness. Promotes skin elasticity by strengthening the skin's supporting fibers, (collagen and elastin) giving you a more youthful appearance. Stimulated cell regeneration can help lighten scars.

Promote Fair, Even-Toned ComplexionSuperoxide dismutase (SOD), the principal antioxidant enzyme in pearl decelerates melanin production, and helps reduce pigmentation, freckles, dark spots and brown blotchy patches. Pearl's natural sunscreens protect skin from damaging ultra-violet rays.

Promote Clear, Blemish-Free Skin
Reinforces and maintains your skin's natural protective barrier, preserving its healthy condition - this naturally reduces and prevents the formation of whiteheads, blackheads, spots and other skin blemishes.

• For women at the age above 18 years.
• Not apply or contact with eyes.
Direction for use:
After cleansing, apply sparingly to face and neck, morning and night. Suitable for all skin types.

IngredientsPearl, Snowlotus, Vitamin E, Latinal, AHA

Nett.weight: 20g

1.Mencerahkan kulit
2.Merawat masalah jerawat,parut jerawat & jeragat.
3.Sesuai utk semua jenis kulit dari sensitif,kering & berminyak
4.Melembutkan kulit
5.Mengurangkan garis2 halus/kedutan diwajah
6.Meratakan tona kulit wajah
7.Mengecilkan pori2 kulit
8.Mengurangkan kerosakan kulit akibat sinar UV
9.Menganjal / menegangkan kulit wajah.
10.Menyerikan kulit wajah yang kusam / tidak bermaya.
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